HTML Minifier - Minify HTML to Optimize Pagespeed

Minifying HTML code reduces the size of the HTML page, which loads faster, resulting in improved pagespeed and better search engine rankings.

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Minify HTML

This tool helps website developers to minify HTML code by removing extra space, white spaces, repeated line breaks, comments and crunch variable names from the HTML code. Thus, it also helps in reducing the size of the HTML file. The modified version works in the same manner as the original one, while reducing the bandwidth of network requests. This HTML compressor is the best tool available online to help you boost your website.  This HTML minifier is the best way to minify HTML code of your website and page optimization.

How this HTML Minifier tool works and how to use this HTML Minifier tool?

Tool Trunk aims to provide the simplest online HTML compressor tool that saves your time and money. Not everyone is an expert in coding, and you don’t have to be highly skilled to compress your website's HTML code. We at tool trunk use algorithm to remove extra spaces, line breaks, unwanted variable, and function.

To easily minify your HTML code just follow these simple steps

  1. Open your HTML file in the text editor. Or you can also get the HTML code of the webpage from the web browser by right-clicking on the page and selecting "View page source". 
  2. Copy all the HTML code and paste it into the above text box.
  3. Click on the "Minify" button, and you will get your minified HTML or compressed HTML for your website.

Or, if you don't want to go through above steps, just copy the URL of the webpage, and paste it in the URL text box, and click on "Minify HTML" button.

Why should you use this tool to minify HTML code?

Minify HTML tool by ToolTrunk is one of the best online HTML minifier tool that is available online today to compress HTML code. Minify HTML tool not only compresses your HTML code by removing the unwanted spaces, white lines, etc. but also reduces the size of the file that helps your website to load faster. It helps in achieving higher page speed score and better ranking on Google search engine results.

Why should you minify your HTML code?

Minifying a website's HTML code is one of the most common web development practice today.  If you run a website, optimizing your HTML code is a must for SEO. Many tend to overlook removing the extra spaces, tabs, and line breaks which increase the size of the file.

Empty lines, extra space, tabs, comments, and indentation, etc. none of these are required in your source HTML code. They only exist to make the code easy to read. Removing these from your HTML code will not impact any function instead it will reduce the size of the file and increase the productivity of your HTML code.

When a user opens a website on the browser, the browser receives HTML code which the browser parse and displays its content to you. So all the unnecessary content like white spaces, tabs, comments, long JS variables, etc increases the page size. Following are the benefits that you get from compressing or minifying your website:

  • Minifying HTML reduces the page size.
  • It removes all unwanted spaces, tabs, line breaks, etc. to reduce the size of the file, without affecting the functionality of the code.
  • Lesser page size has a huge impact on how fast your website loads on mobile devices with slower internet.
  • It increases the pagespeed, and it is recommended by Google, you can read about it here.
  • Also, a faster pageload is one of the ranking factors in search engines.

Does ToolTrunk store your website's HTML code?

No, ToolTrunk does not store or keep your website's HTML code.

What is html compression/HTML minification?

HTML compression or HTML minification is the process of removing unnecessary and unwanted white spaces, line breaks, tabs, characters, etc. to shrink the size of the HTML file for better results. Website owners like to minify HTML code of their website for faster loading of their website page.

About ToolTrunk’s minify html tool.

Minify HTML by ToolTrunk is our approach for those who are not very comfortable with coding or for those who do have small websites. This tool uses a unique algorithm to analyze the HTML code that you have submitted and removes the unwanted things from your HTML code without affecting its main purpose.

Websites are a great way to reach your customers, therefore it is very important to optimize your SEO to get better search result rankings. HTML codes contains many comments, spaces, white spaces, etc. that are not required. website developers use these in their HTML code to make the HTML code readable. Minify HTML tool by ToolTrunk is the best online tool that can help you to compress your HTML code. 

Few Tips for beginners for optimizing their HTML files.

Here are a few tips and tricks for beginners to help improve HTML code. 

  1. Always remember to close your HTML Tags. 
  2. Use the opening and closing comments in your HTML code.
  3. Use relative URLs
  4. Never use absolute URLs
  5. Never forget to compress your HTML code. It reduces the size of your file and helps in loading the page faster. 
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