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QR Code Generator Online App

QR code generator is an online app that helps you create your own QR codes online on a browser. This tool is also known as QR code creator or QR code maker. So in this article, we may use these terms interchangeably.

Tooltrunk's free QR code generator app allows you to create customized QR codes through its user-friendly user interface. You can add different foreground and background colors to QR code, you can also create a QR code with logo by adding an image logo. If you don't want to add a logo on QR code, you can write label text (for eg. Scan Me! ) on the QR code.  

Our QR code maker supports different QR code types, for example, you can generate QR code for wifi, Vcard (business card), SMS, phone number, email, URLs, and any other text. We keep improving our tools, so in the future, we will try to add different QR data types to the QR code maker.

QR code creator or QR code generator lets you export QR code in image format. At the time of downloading QR code, you can select the resolution of QR code image. If you want to print the QR code, you can increase the resolution of QR image to maximum, and then download high-quality or HD QR code.

What is QR Code?

QR Code stands for Quick Response code. It is a type of matrix barcode or two-dimensional barcode. It was first introduced to the automotive industry in Japan in 1994 to accelerate the logistic process. QR code contains certain information for a locator, identifier, or tracker which can be accessed by people in seconds by using an imaging device such as a camera. Due to its ability to share information quickly, it gained popularity in other sectors.

Followings are some of the applications and use cases of QR Code in day to day life.

QR Code for Wi-Fi

With our Wi-Fi QR code generator, you can generate a QR code for your WiFi network and share it with other people, so that they can connect to the WiFi network simply by scanning the QR code with your mobile camera. By generating a QR code for your WiFi network you get rid of selecting from a list of WiFi networks and sharing a password every time.

This Wi-Fi QR code generator is completely free to use. The wifi QR code will never expire until and unless you have changed your WiFi router setting. The best reason for generating a WiFi QR code is that you can share the QR code with your friends and guest at home and with your customers if you run a business. Many restaurants and cafes use WiFi QR code for their customers to avoid sharing their WiFi details every time a customer request for WiFi. 

The wifi QR code generated using our wifi QR generator stores the following data:

  1. Network Name (SSID)
  2. Encryption Type 
  3. Wi-Fi password or security key

QR Code for Business Card

QR Code for business card or Vcard QR code stores all of your contact information like name, phone, email, address etc. Business Cards are important in the business world to grow your network. Adding a QR code on your business card is a good idea to set you apart from others. You can create a QR code for your business card to share your contact details, website, business information, Work Samples, and many more things.

Every time you run out of a Business card you can share your business details conveniently just by showing them the QR code so that they can scan and save your contact details on their phone without having to type anything. Or you can also place the qr code on your business card, so when you give it to someone, they can just scan the business qr code from your business card and save all your contact information on their phone. Now even if the person misplaces your business card, he or she still have your contact information in their mobile phone. 

Restaurants can make use of QR codes on their business card to share information such as opening hours, closest location, map, menu options. Professionals such as Photographers and Videographers can use a QR code on their Business Card to share the Image gallery. 

Information stored in the Vcard QR code:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Job/Position
  • Phone (Work & Personal)
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Address
  • Website

QR Code for URLs / Links

QR Code for URLs or QR Code for links stores any link or URL as data in the QR code. Link or URL QR code makes it easier to share links from the internet with other people. Though URLs are readable, it is not easy to type them manually in the browser. 

There are several use cases where link QR codes are being used. Imagine you going to a restaurant, and after having a wonderful meal, the waiter asks you to give feedback about the food on the link given on the bill. It's very likely that is not going to type the feedback link on the browser and give a positive review. 

However, if the restaurant had created a feedback link to the QR code and printed that on the bill, it would hardly take 20 seconds to give feedback. So, why not generate a QR code for your website so you can get rid of manually typing the web address. This also makes it convenient for your customers to reach you directly by scanning the QR code without having to type the web address manually, which they hate to do. 

Link to QR code converter is useful in multiple ways:

  • You can create a QR code for customers to directly land on the target page. 
  • You can turn a donation link into a QR code that directly lands on a donation page.
  • YouTubers can make a QR code link for their channels. You can also create a QR code link for your Instagram account.
  • Embedding a URL QR on your flyers and brochures is a fantastic idea to increase website traffic.
  • You can turn the android app link into a QR code, to make it easier for users
  • You can create a QR code for your AppStore app.

QR Code for Email

QR Code for email is especially used to let your customers and audience reach you conveniently. Email QR codes can be used to improve customer communication, reduce human errors.

For example, you can use email QR codes in restaurants to receiving feedback from customers. You can add an email QR on the table tent or on receipt, so customers can scan it provide their feedback. Also, an email QR code can be added to packaging or product so that customers can reach the concerned person at any point of time if they experience any problem with the purchased product while having not to browse through your website to reach the appropriate team.

Email QR codes can also be added to promotional products so that customers can contact you directly to buy a product. Using an email QR code also reduces human errors. When a targeted email types manually there are chances that you may make certain errors which may cost you to lose your customer.

QR Code for Phone Number

If you want your audience to reach you quickly, why not generate a QR code for your phone number that is directly prompted to dial your phone number and all they need is to press call. Adding a phone number on the receipt of the supermarket is good is a good idea so that they directly scan and call you to make a purchase. Also, there are many other ways where you use them to get your audience to call you directly. 


With this tool, you can create a QR code that enables you to send a pre-filled message to a target phone number. You can also write a long message up to 160 characters for the SMS QR code to work correctly.

SMS QR codes are mostly used to improve customer satisfaction. You can add an SMS QR code to a product so that customers can scan the QR code and start a conversation.

SMS QR codes are also used for product registration, authentication, and verification purpose. For example, once a product is sold, buyers can scan the QR code to send an SMS to register the product.  Some Restaurants have SMS QR codes printed on bills for customers to easily scan them and provide feedback.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the benefits of using a QR code?

There are multiple benefits of embedding a QR code. Using a QR code lets you reach your audience quickly and improve customer satisfaction and revenue. You can embed them in your flyers, brochures, and promotional items to let the audience reach you conveniently. QR code is eco-friendly it reduces the use of paper. Using a QR code appropriately could save you a lot of time and money. 

Does my QR code have an expiry date?

NO. The generated QR code does not have an expiry until and unless you have to change the content, even though the QR code will still be working. However, you can still regenerate it by using this QR code generator tool. 

Do I have to pay to generate a QR code?

No. This QR code generator is totally free of cost. 

Can I customize my QR code?

Yes. You can customize your QR code by selecting the size for your QR code and also you can customize the color by choosing from a wide range of color gradients.  

What should be the minimum size for a QR code?

The minimum size for a QR Code is 100px. 

Why my QR code is not working?

There could be multiple reasons for this. One reason may be your QR code is too blurry and cannot contrast between the code and background. Always make sure that your foreground should be darker than your background. 

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